candy barHow many candy bars can your group sell? Who even wants to sell candy bars? Why not try and sell a product that isn't sold in every grocery store and gas station in the country?

There's no need to wash cars or convince people to buy a T-shirt.

You can make as the same amount of money selling fewer bags of kettle corn.

Do you know someone that would like to help that owns the property in a high traffic area? Do you own the property where your event will be held?


How it works

There are three different ways that your group can use kettle corn for a easy and simple fundraiser.



Your group gets advance sales from family, friends, coworkers or complete strangers. Payments should be collected from the customers when they order.

When you have reached your goal you turn in the order forms to Black Sheep Kettle Corn and we get to work filling the orders. We will then deliver the fresh bags of kettle corn to you. Then you can deliver them to the customers that ordered it.

It varys from one organization to another but one to two weeks should be enough time to get all of your orders. Then you just pick a date when you want your kettle corn delivered to you.

Orders should be delivered within a few days to maintain freshness.


Direct Sales

Another way to have a fundraiser is by buying kettle corn directly in bulk with a our large "fundrasing" discount. You can have your volunteers sell it at sporting events, church events or school compititions.

Once word gets out that you're selling kettle corn it's not very hard to convince people to buy some.


Booth Sales

What really drives up the sales is when people can walk up to the booth and get a bag that's still warm. If you know someone that owns a business or you can get permission from a business that has a lot of traffic, we can set up there. People driving by will see the banners and smell the kettle corn.

Then you just provide a few people who can bag the kettle corn.

If you provide a good location and just a few people we will supply the tent, banners, popper, tables, bags, etc.

At the end of the day your group gets to keep 40% of the profits. That's a profit to you of $2.00 for every medium bag and $3.00 for every large bag.

This is a great arrangement for fundraisers since there is no up front cost to them.



Which is better?

What would you and your group rather do? You can wash a car in ten minutes with five to six people or you can have two people sell a bag of kettle corn and make change in under a minute.


Contact us and see what plan will work for you.