Kettle corn is fun to make and even better to eat. Obtaining the perfect balance between sweet and salty is the constant goal.

Refining recipes through hard work and experience have allowed us to constanly produce the best kettle corn possible.


BagEveryone loves popcorn. Everyone knows what popcorn should look like. But if you get a handful of our popcorn you will be pleasantly surprised. We use the best popcorn we can find.

It's a special breed of popcorn called "Mushroom" popcorn. Instead of the regular popcorn that you will find in the movie theater the mushroom variety pops up larger, fluffier, and into a large ball.

Kettle corn can be easy to make but it can also be easy to burn. The difference between the perfect batch and a scorched bath can be a few seconds.

To start the popcorn, sugar and oil are all put into the kettle. This releases a fantastic smell that travels far and wide.

The sugar melts and caramelizes. We use the perfect amount of heat to create the perfect sugar glaze, this is our secret to our kettle corn.

The super hot heat of the kettle makes the kernels burst out with all the force they have so they get evenly coated with the sugary glaze.

Sifting Bin


It all gets a quick tumble in the sifting table to remove any unpopped kernels followed by a light dusting of salt.





Original Kettle Corn is by far the most popular flavor. However, the Caramel popcorn is what many of our customers crave. Made with pure rich brown sugar your tastebuds won't mind the switch one bit.

Try some white cheddar. Try some sour apple. Half the fun is making new and exciting flavors.