We take care of everything. If you need a concessionaire think about kettle corn. It's a simple and fun snack that the whole family can share.


Events that can benefit from our services include but are not limited to:



Arts & Crafts


Car Shows

Air Shows

Sports Events


Church Groups

Grand Openings

Home Shows

Employee Appreciation

Almost Anything !!





Easy set up

    In most situations all we require is a time and a location. We take care of the rest. Setting up for a regular event normally takes less than a hour.

Bigger isn't always better

Unlike a large concession trailer that requires a lot of electricity and space we can set up in a 10' by 10' square area. Also our popper uses a lid so that no hot kernels are flying out and hitting anyone in the crowd.


Since the kettle corn popper we use is heated by a propane burner it must be used outside. However that doesn't stop us from doing indoor events.

We simply pop the kettle corn outdoors and wheel it inside in a large bin to dump in the sifting table. People are attracted by the smell and the sight of a large bin of fresh kettle corn.